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Jamie Moir
Jamie Moir
Former Communications Campaign Leader

Jamie Moir is a former communications campaign leader at RMI.


Authored Blog Posts

March 13 Nest Metering Buildings
March 6 Spark: Fort Collins’ Clean Energy Economy Powers Ahead with Jobs, Innovation, and Savings General
February 27 Spark: Will The Electricity Grid Become Optional? General
February 13 Spark: Let's Celebrate, Not Lament, Renewables' Disruption Of Electric Utilities General
February 6 Spark: Helping Islands Create Climate Wealth For All General
January 30 Spark: Fixing The Broken Compass: Finding Our Way To Natural Capitalism General
January 23 Spark: What Fresh Produce Can Teach Us About The De-commoditization Of Kilowatts? General
January 9 Spark: A Multi-Prong Approach To Building Efficiency General
December 19 Spark: Can The Cost Of Solar In The U.S. Compete With Germany? General
December 5 Spark: Let There Be Light - Lighting Big Box Stores Naturally General
November 21 Spark: The Road To Solar's Future General
October 31 Spark: Sandy One Year Later: The Path Ahead for the Northeast’s Electricity Grid General
October 24 Spark: What Did The 1973 Oil Embargo Teach Us? General
October 17 Spark: 40 Years After the Oil Embargo: Enough Already General
October 10 Spark: The Micro(grid) Solution To The Macro Challenge Of Climate Change General
October 3 Spark: IPCC Report Makes Clear Time For Climate Action Is Now General
September 26 Spark: Solar Value: What's It All About? General
September 19 Spark: America's Power Plan: The Crucial Role of Distributed Resources General
September 12 Spark: A High Renewables Tomorrow, Today General
September 5 Spark: Shifting the Auto Industry Through Composites General
August 29 Spark: Want Solar On My Roof? Go Ahead And Pay Me For It! General
August 22 Spark: Reinventing Fire: China Gains Support General
August 15 Spark: The Future of Mobility General
August 8 Spark: Amory Lovins Debunks the Renewables "Disinformation Campaign" General
August 1 Spark: Data Centers And Renewables: Two Peas in a POD General
July 25 Spark: Accurately Valuing Solar PV General
July 18 Spark: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance? General
July 11 Spark: Have You Seen The Traffic In Los Angeles Lately? General
June 26 Spark: Is the End of EV Range Anxiety in Sight? General
June 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire in China General
June 13 Spark: Just How Green Is the Internet? General
June 6 Spark: How Real Estate Financial Instruments Can Revolutionize Clean Energy Finance General
May 30 Spark: Is A High Renewables Future Really Possible? General
May 23 Spark: The Calm Before The Solar Storm General
April 18 Spark: Germany's Renewables Revolution General
April 11 Spark: Bringing Solar Light to the Energy Poor General
April 4 Spark: Smart Parking - A Launch Pad for Intelligent Transportation General
March 28 Spark: Asia's Accelerating Energy Revolution General
March 21 A Free Spirit in the Free Market General
March 14 Spark: Breaking New England's Natural Gas Addiction General
March 14 Spark: Pain at the Pump? EVs’ Significantly Lower Energy Costs per Mile General
March 7 Spark: Crowdfunding Lowers the Cost of Solar Energy General
February 21 Spark: Range Anxiety? Forget About It! General
February 14 Spark: Who's the BoS? Learning From Germany’s Uber-Low Solar Balance of Systems Costs General
February 7 Spark: Obama's Second Term: Could Climate Be His Legacy? General
January 31 Spark: Will Driverless Cars Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption? General
January 25 Spark: Next Gen Biofuels Come of Age General
January 17 Spark: Microgrids: Providing Safe Harbor in a Storm General
January 10 Spark: New Year's Resolutions for Transforming Electricity General
December 20 Spark: Reinventing Transportation: Making the Shift to Ultralight, Electric Vehicles Transportation
December 13 Spark: Reinventing Electricity: A Renewable and Resilient System Electricity
December 6 Spark: Reinventing Industry: Breakthrough Solutions for Radical Efficiency General
November 29 Spark: Reinventing Buildings: Making Our Buildings Efficient, Profitable, and Healthy General
November 15 Spark: Reinventing Fire: A Vision for a Bright Energy Future General
November 8 Spark: After Election, Six Critical Levers to Transform Energy General
November 1 Spark: Smart Grids—Making the Grid More Resilient Through Telecomunications General
October 18 Spark: Discovering "Green Gold" Through a Deep Retrofit General
October 11 Spark: Cutting Red Tape To Make Solar Cheaper General
September 27 Spark: Lightweighting: Achieving a “B-HAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with EVs General
September 20 Spark: RMI & AT&T: Working Together General
September 13 Spark: Hot Air About Cheap Natural Gas General
August 30 Spark: Efficiency: Making Affordable Housing Truly Affordable General
August 23 Spark: What Role Should Natural Gas Play in Our Energy Future? General
August 16 Spark: Indiana Jones and the Great Portfolio Challenge General
August 2 Spark: Greening the Olympic Games General
July 26 Spark: eLab: Changing our Energy Future Starts With Electricity General
July 17 Spark: Cities at the Center of Technology and Innovation General
July 11 Spark: Keeping Your Ice Cream Cold With Less Energy General
June 28 Spark: eLab: Pursing a Better Way to Create and Deliver Electricity General
June 21 Spark: Adding Momentum to an 80 percent renewable vision General
June 14 Spark: Helping Reduce Emissions in Our Own Backyard General
June 6 Spark: Empire State Building Beats Year One Energy Targets General
May 31 Spark: Which Cities Have Captured 30% of the Global EV Market? General
May 3 Spark: RMI Turns 30 - Mapping Our Universe of Impact General
May 2 Creating the World We Want...Together General
April 25 Spark: Don't Miss RMI's Live Chat Tomorrow General
April 18 Spark: Firing Up a Cleaner Electric Grid General
April 12 Spark: Stop Pursuing Low Gas Prices, Start Pursuing Solutions General
April 4 Spark: RMI Supports Electric Vehicles. Do You? General
March 29 Spark: Calling All Building Portfolio Owners General
March 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire with Convergence and Innovation General
March 21 Spark: Reinventing Fire with Convergence and Innovation General
March 14 Spark: Is Your City Ready for Electric Vehicles? General
March 8 Spark: Efficiency The Key? Just Ask Tom Friedman General
February 29 Spark: A Farewell to Fossil Fuels General
February 22 Spark: Is Natural Gas Boom a Threat to Renewables? General
February 15 Spark: The Future of Efficiency: What's at Stake? General
January 30 Spark: Efficiency--Revitalizing U.S. Industry General
January 18 Spark: Why So Many EV Critics? General
January 13 Your Investment in Making the World a Better Place General
December 30 Take Action: Together We Can Help Create a World Thriving, Verdant and Secure General
December 13 5 Key Solutions to Transform the Built Environment General
November 29 Calling All Curious Minds! Join us for a Discussion About Reinventing Fire General
November 17 Invest in a New Future with RMI General
October 11 @AmoryLovins is now on Twitter General
October 2 What is Your Commitment to Drive the New Energy Era? General
August 27 A Brand New RMI Outlet! General
July 15 Cars 2: Disney Brings Electric Cars & Biofuels to Our Kids General
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