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Jun 13, 2011

RMI’s Solutions Journal Online


RMI has a reputation for coming up with groundbreaking ideas and solutions to problems like unnecessary energy consumption, pollution, and fossil fuel addiction. But we know ideas are not enough. Ideas have true power only when we implement them successfully.

The new edition of RMI’s Solutions Journal, now online, focuses on our collaborators, the people who are on the ground doing the hard work and making these ideas a reality, reducing fossil fuel consumption, designing cutting-edge, state-of-the art zero energy buildings, and launching electric vehicle infrastructure in our cities.

Our main story by Cameron Burns looks at the green design features of Caltech’s Linde + Robinson Laboratory, the first LEED Platinum lab. RMI consulted on the project, which includes such innovative features as a coelosat—mirrors that track the sun and bounce light inside.

RMI worked on the Caltech lab with long time collaborator Peter Rumsey, an RMI senior fellow. He talks about how his “deep green” engineering firm approached the design and shares his thoughts on the evolution of green design in our Q&A.

RMI also collaborated with Ford Motor Company this past year on a pilot program to improve energy efficiency of Ford dealerships.  Read how one Ford dealer in Florida has implemented RMI’s recommendations and is saving $3000 a month on energy bills.

Finally, take a look at how Raleigh North Carolina, with support from RMI’s Project Get Ready, is leading the East Coast in preparations for the arrival of electric vehicles.

These partners, companies, design firms, city leaders and individuals out there implementing best practices and making RMI’s ideas into reality make all the difference between a good idea and a better reality. We hope you enjoy reading about them.


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September 7, 2011

I looked at a company , Joule Unlimited, making fuel from the sun. Any information on this site? www.jouleunlimited.com If claims are accurate, government should get 20 of these plants going, creating jobs, lessening dependence on foreign oil, and makiing a cleaner fuel.

September 7, 2011

I have been working on a small energy efficency airline related design for a ferw years. I have even recieved endorsements for this idea from Airbus and Boeing....but it just seems no one wants to really invest in these fuel saving inventions. I have watched other inventions suffer similar issues (I work at a College and see lots of great - but unfunded ideas).


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