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Rebecca Cole
Rebecca Cole
Former Director of Communications

Rebecca Cole is the Former Director of Communications at RMI where she is responsible for leading the creation and execution of strategic, comprehensive and integrated marketing and communication plans / campaigns in support of RMI’s initiatives and development efforts.


Authored Blog Posts

April 17 Accelerating Renewables in the Fortune 500 General
April 3 eLab Accelerator Part 3: Pathways to Clean Energy Electricity
April 2 eLab Accelerator Part 2: Evolving Utility Business Models and Regulation Electricity
April 1 eLab Accelerator Part 1: Kickstarting Community Energy Electricity
December 26 What is the distribution edge, and why is it central to the future of our electricity system? Electricity
December 12 Learning Journeys: Finding Inspiration for Innovation Electricity
November 5 Video: Reinventing Fire in Our Electricity System General
October 15 A Renewable and Resilient Electricity System General
September 17 RMI and AT&T: Working Together on a Portfolio Approach to Building Efficiency General
September 10 (Video) eLab: Transforming the Electricity System General
August 21 (Video) eLab is Setting the Course for a New Electricity Paradigm General
July 23 eLab: Accelerating Innovation in the Electricity Sector (Video) General
May 24 Boulder Evaluates Climate Plan General
May 14 RMI30: What We've Created Together (Video) General
May 11 Redefining Green at the Empire State Building General
January 26 Transforming America’s Built Environment (Video) General
January 12 The Innovation Economy: Cleantech's Economic Power General
November 22 The Reinventing Fire Launch at National Geographic - What's Your Commitment? General
September 28 Transforming the Solar Market General
June 2 RMI Report Highlights Opportunities for More Effective Building Energy Modeling General
May 25 Working Together on Next-Gen Building Energy Modeling (Video) General
April 19 Building Energy Modeling: Igniting the Industry (Video) General
April 1 Energy Modeling for High-Performance Buildings (Video) General
February 7 Deep Building Retrofits Drive Big Gains in Energy, Cost Savings General
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