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RSS Feeds

RSS is a means of distributing news and information to subscribers delivered through an RSS reader, which can be web-based or installed on your computer. RSS content can also be sent to blogs, personal webpages and the bookmarks of some browsers.

You can subscribe to one or all of the feeds below. When you do, you'll receive a headline, a quick summary and a link back to our site for the full story about that specific topic.

By subscribing to "RMI.org," every time we post news, a blog or Spotlight feature to our homepage, your reader will be updated.

(Click on the orange RSS icon next to the feed you want to add and copy the link; then paste it into your reader. Chrome users, please click here to install the RSS extension first.)

RMI Outlet - Plug Into New Ideas

RMI Outlet, Rocky Mountain Institute's blog, explores topics critical to RMI's mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources.

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