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Ben Holland
Ben Holland
Former PGR Project Manager

Authored Blog Posts

April 29 Pulling Back the Veil on EV Charging Station Costs Transportation
March 26 Charging on the Cheap: Making Electric Vehicles Mainstream Transportation
April 24 The Big Apple’s Big Bet on Electric Vehicles Transportation
January 18 Car & (No) Driver Transportation
January 16 If you build it, will they charge? Transportation
January 2 Fully Charged: How will charging infrastructure affect the market for electric vehicles? Transportation
November 13 Breaking Down the Buzz about Big Data General
October 2 Cutting Red Tape to Make Solar Faster, Cheaper and Easier to Install General
July 30 Examining the Case for Natural Gas in Transportation Part 1: Passenger Vehicles General
June 4 Cities Working to Entice EVs General
May 2 The City Is the Crucible for the Electric Vehicle Market General
March 26 Gamifying Energy Use: Observed Trends From South By Southwest Interactive General
January 20 Watch Amory Lovins at TEDx Rainier General
January 5 Why So Many Critics After 17,000 EV Sales in First Year? General
December 29 Whom Do We Follow on Social Networks? General
December 22 Outlet's Top Ten Blogs of 2011 General
December 15 Transportation Conundrum: Cash-strapped cities worldwide face difficult decisions. General
December 1 GE’s Big Bet on Solar: A Win for Colorado General
November 21 Where the electric car is going General
November 11 Electric Avenue: Portland Plugs into the Future General
October 4 What’s Lighting Up the Web: Solyndra General
September 19 What’s Lighting Up the Web: The Keystone XL Pipeline General
September 9 What’s Lighting Up the Web: Carbon Fiber General
August 24 What's Lighting Up the Web: EV Infrastructure General
August 18 What's Lighting Up the Web General
June 20 Charging Ahead General
April 29 New Rules: Real Time Information and the EV Industry General
June 1 Making Solar Technology a Competitive Force in the U.S. General
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