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Oct 24, 2013

Spark: What Did The 1973 Oil Embargo Teach Us?


RMI Spark, the eNewsletter of Rocky Mountain Institute

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

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What Did The 1973 Oil Embargo Teach Us?

Confessions Of A Solar Decathalon Architecture Juror

Help Consumers Do More With Their Money


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EBay To Ellison Embrace Microgrids In Threat To Utilities

Exploring Solar, Efficiency, Gas And More With Amory Lovins And Joel Makower
New York Times

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Annual Report: Creating The Grid Of The Future

From campus-wide initaitives to citywide programs to statewide recommendations, RMI is helping communities take charge of their energy use to move towards a clean, prosperous, secure energy future. (Turn to page 10 in pdf) Read More

RMI Update

RMI Helps ASU Become Climate Neutral

Last week, RMI hosted the latest Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab) meeting just outside Washington, D.C. With the shutdown looming a few miles away, the event brought together, as FERC outgoing chair Jon Wellinghoff said, "the key people to collaborate solutions and produce products that can be put out to the larger industry to help drive change and inform policy."

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Demand For Power

Amory Lovins discusses energy efficiency, “negawatts,” and emerging technologies on the BBC World News Horizons program. Watch Now

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Duke University Energy Conference

Principal Lena Hansen will participate in a panel titled "Climate Change Debate: Chief impacts on the environment and innovative mitigation strategies" in Durham, NC on October 30. Learn More

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@RabagoEnergy: Clear thinking from thought leaders. 'Micro-Municipalize' a Utility? : ow.ly/25KMJu



@brevardnclynda: Energy efficiency? Guess what? We're making progress!:  bit.ly/19pDE6

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