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Aug 15, 2013

Spark: The Future of Mobility


RMI Spark, the eNewsletter of Rocky Mountain Institute

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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The Future of Mobility

Seperating Fact From Fiction In Germany's Renewables Revolution

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Deep Retrofits Next Market For Struggling Architects

Rocky Mountain Institute, China Eye Energy Efficiency
Aspen Times

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Battling America's Automotive Obesity Epidemic

In the past quarter century the average weight of new cars has ballooned by nearly 25 percent, growing from 3,221 pounds in 1987 to 4,009 pounds in 2010. Learn More

RMI Update

Autocomposites Meeting Update

In June, RMI and Munro & Associates held a meeting to advance the "Autocomposites Commercialization Launchpad." Participants included manufacturers, design experts, and material suppliers from across the composites supply chain. 

The team is working to design, analyze, and develop a carbon-fiber door part on a cargo van. The project is also under consideration for sponsorship by the National Advanced Manufacturing Institute, a proposed center organized under President Obama's National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. Learn More


Lightweighting Autos With Carbon Fiber Composite

The best way to reduce our dependence on oil for transportation, especially in cars, is to make them more lightweight and efficient.  Watch Now


Upcoming Events

IBPSA SIMbuild 2013

IBPSA SIMbuild 2013 explores current best practices and new horizons for the use of simulation to drive better building design. Senior Consultant Ellen Franconi will participate in this conference, presenting on building energy modeling. The conference takes place in France August 25-28. Learn More

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@ESourceMatt: RT @RockyMtnInst: Interesting take on suburbia. Is solar suburbia the way to power modern cities? Scientific American ow.ly/nRtSU

@AusPHAssoc: First Passivhaus certified highrise office! Now there really are no excuses for poor energy efficiency in our cities bit.ly/1bnpgVE

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