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Aug 29, 2013

Spark: Want Solar On My Roof? Go Ahead And Pay Me For It!


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Want Solar On My Roof? Go Ahead And Pay Me For It. Seriously. Here's How.

Going Solar: Options For Homeowners (Infographic)

A Tale Of Two Solar Cities

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Why Is Solar Energy A Good Investment?
Solar Power World

10 Smart Building Myths Debunked

Check out RMI's Flipboard, A Brighter Energy Future, featuring energy news updated daily.


What's Old Is New: Reinventing A Community's Energy Future In Fort Collins

While Old Town Fort Collins is capable of transporting the traveler back in time, there is something disctinctly modern happening beneath its surface of brick buildings, cobblestone walkways, and canvas awnings: a net-zero energy district. Learn More

RMI Update

Webinar: Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Distributed Solar

With distributed solar growing at a record pace, states nationwide are assessing the benefits and costs of this dynamic resource.

Vote Solar and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) are sponsoring a webinar on September 4 featuring Virginia Lacy and Lena Hansen from Rocky Mountain Institute as well as experts from Interstate Renewable Energy Council and Rabago Consulting. They will discuss lessons learned from recent studies and discuss a new framework for best practices in cost/benefit study design. Learn More


Solar As Part Of The Energy Mix

RMI's COO Ned Harvey discusses how solar is uniquely poised to scale rapidly in the marketplace, and how RMI is working with utilities to help them bring solar into their generation portfolio effectively. Watch Now



Upcoming Events

Society of Plastics Engineers, Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition

Senior Consultant Greg Rucks will keynote the conference by speaking about "The Autocomposites Commercialization Launchpad: Kickstarting Mainstream Adoption of Automotive Carbonfiber Composites' on September 11 in Detroit. Learn More

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@MthsBell: Nice article in the guardian about energy efficiency financing in California:  j.mp/13XbrxA

Amory has consistently been two steps ahead of conventional ignorance. Many of his ideas are regarded as heresy a decade before they become common knowledge and standard business practice.—Pete G.

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