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Aug 8, 2013

Spark: Amory Lovins Debunks the Renewables "Disinformation Campaign"


RMI Spark, the eNewsletter of Rocky Mountain Institute

Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Debunking The Renewables "Disinformation Campaign"

An Ultrarunners Guide To Efficiency, Renewables, And Resiliency

A High Renewables Tomorrow Today: King Island, Tasmania

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Zombie Dread Fuels Microgrid Market

Green Energy: A Viable Power Source?
GreenTech Media

Will Microgrids Destroy Utilities...Or Save Them?
Smart Grid News

Check out RMI's Flipboard, A Brighter Energy Future, featuring energy news updated daily. Read More


Beyond The Tip Of The Energy Iceberg: Why Retrofits Create More Value Than You Think

Buildings in the U.S. consume a heck of a lot of energy—they use 42 percent of the nation's primary energy use and 72 percent of it's electricity. Assessing value beyond cost energy savings can help drive greater investment in efficiency. Learn More

RMI Update

truSolar Website Helps Develop Uniform Standards for Solar Financing

RMI is a founding member of truSolar, a consortium of leading solar market participants working to establish uniform credit screening standards for commercial and industrial solar PV projects and to increase the availability of lower cost capital. Learn More


Changing The Rules: Achieving Low-Cost Solar PV

In 2010 RMI convened more than 50 industry stakeholders and outside experts to a design charrette. The event offered a fragmented and multifacted industry a chance to collaborate on strategies to reduce installed BoS costs for commercial and small utility systems. Watch Now


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Cofounder, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus Amory Lovins will participate in the session "Armchair Conversation: Asia, Germany, and India: Transition to a Clean Energy Economy" on August 15 in Aspen.   Learn More

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@Keeling_curve: 396.72 parts per million (ppm) CO2 in air 04-Aug-2013 keelingcurve.ucsd.edu


@Coverdorf: Energy Efficiency drove U.S. emissions decline, not natural gas. ow.ly/nFCSf @climatesolution #climate

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