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Jan 23, 2014

Spark: What Fresh Produce Can Teach Us About The De-commoditization Of Kilowatts?


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

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The De-Commoditization of the Kilowatt-Hour

Solar Securitization

Batteries To Bolster Solar

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Electric Bikes: Not Cars, Not Bikes, Just Right
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Ten Predictions For U.S. High-Performance Buildings In 2014
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Free, On-demand Webinar: How Utilities Can Get Ahead Of The Microgrid Opportunity

What are the new sources of value that microgrids can provide? What pricing, markets, and business models are necessary to capture those values? Which actors can capture these values, and what barriers stand in the way?

In this webinar, a team from Rocky Mountain Institute discuss their experience working with leaders in the microgrid industry. They will share their views on the industry barriers that must be overcome for microgrids to proliferate. View Webinar

RMI Update

Deep Retrofits Bring Energy Savings

Deep energy retrofits in the United States and around the world are attractive investments but receive far less attention and capital than they deserve. This is in part due to a narrow definition of their value, typically focused on energy cost savings alone.

Rocky Mountain Institute’s latest report, “How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Owner-Occupants,” provides practical guidance for company leaders and building professionals. Read The Report

Going Big On Solar

RMI Senior Associate Jesse Morris explains how RMI is working to make solar photovoltaic more affordable and less financially risky, and how we are innovating new models for utilities to cost-effectively scale solar across the country. Watch Now


Upcoming Events

Solar Power Generation

The need for a modern and clean-energy grid is urgent. Americans for a Clean Energy Grid believe an educated public and private sector is crucial to help solve this large challenge.

Sr. Assoicate Leia Guccione will speak at this conference taking place on February 4 & 5 in San Diego, CA.  Learn More

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@bodRad: BMW i3-have lower insurance, repair costs thanks to carbon fiber ow.ly/s17Od

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