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Jan 9, 2014

Spark: A Multi-Prong Approach To Building Efficiency


RMI Spark, the eNewsletter of Rocky Mountain Institute

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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A Multi-Prong Approach To Building Efficiency (Part 1)

A Multi-Prong Approach To Building Efficiency (Part 2)

Buying Renewables Through Utilities

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RMI In The News

Better Racking Drives Down Solar's Soft Costs
Greentech Media

10 Trends That Drove Sustainable Transport In 2013

Fort Collins Embraces Community-Owned Solar Gardens

Do you use the Flipboard app for your IOS or Android device? We invite you to check out our Flipboard magazine, featuring energy news from around the world, updated daily. Learn More.

11th Annual Cuba Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Tour

Join RMI's Writer/Editor Laurie Guevara-Stone and Eco Cuba Network for an amazing opportunity to study renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Cuba! We will meet with NGOs, government ministries, and educational organizations, and tour renewable energy sites. Learn More

RMI Update

Together, We Can Change Energy Use Forever

Our year end campaign has drawn to a close. We want to thank all of you who continue to support RMI's work to create a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future.

The opportunity to transform our energy reality is not decades in the future; it is here and now. As you heard during our campaign, RMI several exciting, impactful projects underway in 2014.

We can't do this work without your support. Join Us 


Amory Lovins: End Of Year Message

Listen to Amory Lovins explain why RMI is "one of a kind" and how our ability to deliver impact is made possible by our generous donors. Watch Now

Upcoming Events

Infocast's 6th Annual Projects & Money Summit

Managing Director Robert Hutchinson will speak on the panel "Demand Growth - Or is it Demand Decline," specifically addressing the outlook for electricity demand.

The conference takes place in New Orleans from January 14–16. Learn More

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@ezraklein: Saying global warming isn't real when it's cold is like saying the sun isn't real when it's dark out bit.ly/19pDE6

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