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Kelly Vaughn
Kelly Vaughn
Former Sr. PR Coordinator

Authored Blog Posts

November 6 Six Critical Levers to Transform our Energy Future (Video) General
August 22 Good Natural Gas News Today, But What About Tomorrow? General
July 16 Join RMI at VERGE Cities 2.0 General
July 10 Turning Sunshine Into Dollars in the Roaring Fork Valley General
June 29 RPS: States Can, Should, Go Farther General
June 14 Video: Los Angeles Discusses Options to Get EV’s on the Road General
June 6 RMI Takes the Volt For a Spin General
June 1 Amory Lovins Chats with Colorado Matters About Being Logical in Illogical Systems General
May 31 Empire State Building Retrofit Surpasses Energy Savings Expectations General
May 17 Building Solar Friendly Communities in Colorado General
May 5 To pump, or not to pump: When it comes to powering our mobility, what choices do we have? General
May 4 Tracking the Global Push to Plug-In General
May 1 Reinventing Fire: An “Idea Worth Spreading” General
April 25 Going “Beyond the Light Switch” General
April 17 Showcasing all the Big ‘Green’ Apple Has to Offer General
April 10 EPA’s Proposed GHG Standards and our Electricity Future General
April 6 The Pursuit of Low Gas Prices is Bad for the U.S. General
March 22 Building a Business (and Culture) Around Sustainability Is An Evolving Process General
March 20 Jevons Paradox: The Debate That Just Won't Die General
March 9 Live from the Solar Leadership Summit: Follow the Leader General
March 9 RMI Report Finds Challenges as PG&E and its Customers Move Toward Reinventing Fire in California General
March 8 Live from the Solar Leadership Summit: Net Energy Metering--Friend or Foe? General
March 6 Zero Net Energy: Behind the Goal General
February 27 $8.3 B: A Big Price Tag For a DOE Dice Roll General
February 23 Amory Lovins’s Farewell to Fossil Fuels General
January 26 U.S. Can’t Drill its Way to a Better Energy Future General
January 19 Do Renewables REALLY Squander Land and Resources? General
January 11 Standard, Showy or Fit: What do Consumers Want from an EV? General
January 5 New Year, New Look for Spark General
December 28 Top RMI news of 2011 General
November 16 From Vision to Reality: Lighter, Stronger Vehicles General
November 4 Owning a Piece of a $5T Prize General
November 3 Thank You, From All of Us at RMI General
November 2 Sparking an Economic Recovery General
October 27 Live from D.C.: Reinventing Fire General
October 27 Debunking Three Clean Energy Myths General
October 25 Winning the Clean Energy Race General
October 24 In Case You Missed It General
October 13 Energy Retrofits leading the way for sustainability in Indianapolis General
October 10 In Case You Missed It: Greenbuild 2011 General
October 7 In Case You Missed It General
September 20 Our Reinventing Fire Commitment: One Year Later General
September 6 Ten Surprising Facts About Our Energy Landscape General
August 22 Inside American Renewable Energy Day General
August 19 In Case You Missed It General
August 2 Change the Empire State Building…Change the World General
August 1 Taking Fuel Economy Further General
July 25 Reigniting the Private Sector: Greentech Poised for Explosive Innovation General
July 22 In Case You Missed It General
July 20 Nuclear: Why even think about it? General
July 14 A Day in the Life of RMI General
July 8 In Case You Missed It General
July 1 In Case You Missed It General
June 24 In Case You Missed It General
June 23 The “Push and Pull” of Energy Modeling Demand General
June 23 A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Problem-Solving General
June 14 Helping to Shape the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders General
June 10 Addressing U.S. Energy Security at Naval War College (Video) General
June 10 In Case You Missed It General
June 6 Taking the Reinventing Fire Path (Video) General
May 27 In Case You Missed It General
May 20 In Case You Missed It General
May 18 What Keeps Utilities Up at Night? General
May 13 In Case You Missed It General
May 10 Putting the “Do” in “Think and Do Tank” General
April 5 EV Readiness: Let’s Walk Before We Run General
March 11 A Universe of (Good) Data At Your Fingertips General
March 10 Building a Future Vision Starts with Common Language General
March 10 Is Predicting Energy Efficiency Performance a Gamble? General
February 25 Building an Energy Modeling Master Plan General
November 12 How America's 50 Largest Cities Rate on EV Readiness General
October 29 How to Make Solar Power Cost Competitive in 5 Years or Less General
April 9 The Secret to Hurdling Barriers for Electric Cars General
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