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Laurie Guevara-Stone
Laurie Guevara-Stone
Writer / Editor

Laurie Guevara-Stone is the Writer/Editor for RMI, where she writes blogs and articles on all the issues that RMI addresses.

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Authored Blog Posts

February 1 REI Takes Its Stewardship of the Outdoors to the Next Level: A Net-Zero-Energy Distribution Center Buildings
January 19 Community-Scale Solar Costs: 3 Reasons to Take Heart Electricity
January 4 Top 13 Clean Energy Developments of 2016 General
December 19 A Rural Electric Cooperative Sets a 100% Renewables Target Electricity
August 18 Changing Lives with Solar Microgrids Electricity
June 9 Community-Supported Development: A First Step to Community Solar for All Electricity
June 3 Amazon and Dominion Virginia Power Reach Breakthrough Renewable Energy Agreement Electricity
June 1 Fannie Mae’s Financing for Solar: A Game Changer for the Solar Industry Electricity
March 9 Working at the Community Level to Transform Austin’s Mobility System Transportation
March 8 Ithaca College Goes Solar in Upstate New York Electricity
March 2 A Small Country Goes Big with Renewables: Denmark’s goal to be fossil fuel free General
February 29 Top 10 Reasons Why Solar PV Has Reached Escape Velocity Electricity
February 10 Boulder Valley School District On Its Way To Net-Zero Energy Buildings
February 3 World’s Largest Office Furniture Manufacturer Steelcase Signs Deal for 25 MW of Wind Energy Electricity
February 2 Building on Chicago’s Reputation as a Green Building Leader Buildings
January 11 Top Ten RMI Blog Posts of 2015 General
January 5 Top 12 Clean Energy Developments of 2015 General
November 20 An Innovative Business Model Makes Solar Accessible to All Electricity
October 20 Driving the Rain: Electrifying Transportation in Juneau, Alaska Electricity
October 13 San Francisco Prepares for the Big One with Microgrids Electricity
September 8 eLab Accelerator Explores Resilience Options in Sun Valley Electricity
July 24 Hewlett Packard’s Data Centers Go Renewable Electricity
July 8 Smart Charging in Seattle Electricity
July 7 Five Lessons the Buildings Industry Can Learn From the Wearable Tracker Craze Buildings
June 19 From Diesel to Wind on Block Island Electricity
June 5 California Flattens Rate Blocks, Rolls Out Default Time-of-use Pricing Electricity
May 29 Hard Time Exposes the Soft Benefits of Deep Energy Retrofits Buildings
May 19 An Alaskan Island Goes 100% Renewable Electricity
May 12 Building and Climbing the Solar Energy Ladder Electricity
May 11 Opening the Corporate Renewable Energy Floodgates Electricity
May 6 North Carolina Startup Clean Energy For Us Scales a ‘Solarize 2.0’ Business Model Electricity
May 4 Emerging Economies Surge Forward with Renewables Electricity
May 1 A Northern New York Town Invests in a Microgrid to Keep the Power On Electricity
April 21 A California Utility Explores Time-Sensitive Electricity Pricing Electricity
February 25 Why New Electricity Pricing Approaches Are a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Electricity
February 19 Can Big Data Help Us Get to a Carbon-Free Future? General
February 11 Keeping Up with the Joneses Electricity
January 14 Cuba Going Green: The Solarization of Granma Province Electricity
January 5 Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2014 General
December 23 You’ll Shoot the Climate’s Eye Out General
November 6 A Small Town in Germany Becomes a Testing Ground for a Smart Grid Electricity
October 21 Vermont’s Largest Municipal Utility Goes 100-Percent Renewable Electricity
October 14 Electric Vehicles and Rural Mountain Communities? Transportation
September 23 From A Decaying Industrial Area to an Eco-Friendly City: Malmö, Sweden is Leading the Way General
September 16 Some See Garbage, Others See an Opportunity: Installing Solar on Landfills Electricity
August 27 Solar for All: Making Solar PV Accessible to Low-Income Families in the U.S. Electricity
August 20 Native Power: Job Growth through Green Technologies General
August 13 Non-hydro Renewables Surpassing Hydropower in the U.S.: 4 Reasons Why Electricity
August 5 Barcelona: Spain’s Ciudad del Sol General
July 29 Can We Make America’s Power Grid Blackout-Proof? Electricity
July 22 Native Energy: From Fossil Fuels Below to Renewables Above General
July 16 In Bogotá, Creating Social Equality through Sustainable Transportation Transportation
July 9 The Nation’s Oldest Public University Embraces Modern Technologies Electricity
June 24 Native Energy: Rural Electrification on Tribal Lands Electricity
June 12 Converting Waste into Energy in Kristianstad, Sweden Electricity
May 28 Raising an Energy-Aware Generation through Hands-on Education General
April 22 The Rise of Solar Co-ops Electricity
April 16 How a Small County in California Went Grid Positive General
March 24 Sleepless in the Senate General
March 18 Solar Empowerment in a Rural Nicaraguan Community General
February 19 Renewables Power a Rural German Village Electricity
February 13 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: El Hierro, Canary Islands Electricity
January 28 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Denton, Texas Electricity
January 22 Batteries to Bolster Solar Electricity
January 8 Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013 General
January 6 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Varese Ligure, Italy Electricity
December 16 Innovative Third-Party Financing Makes Solar Affordable—For All Electricity
November 12 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Gaviotas, Colombia Electricity
October 31 Higher Education’s Energy Lessons Electricity
October 24 Smart Parking Solutions Can Transform Our Cities Transportation
October 23 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Samsø, Denmark Electricity
October 15 40 Years Back, 40 Years Forward General
October 8 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Güssing, Austria Electricity
October 7 Trading Four Wheels for Two Transportation
September 24 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Tokelau, South Pacific Electricity
September 16 Green Building Dilemmas: Investing Upfront Pays Off Buildings
September 10 A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Greensburg, Kansas Electricity
August 26 Going Solar Infographic: Options for Homeowners Buildings
August 13 The Future of Mobility Transportation
August 7 A High-Renewables Tomorrow Today: King Island, Tasmania Electricity
July 29 Learning from the Cell Phone Phenomenon Electricity
July 22 Energy News: The Week in Review General
July 18 The Gender-Energy Connection General
July 15 Energy News: The Week in Review General
July 9 Energy News: The Week in Review General
July 3 Reflections of a (Very) Early EV Adopter Transportation
July 1 Energy News: The Week in Review General
June 26 For As Long As The Sun Shines: The Non-Crisis of PV Module Reliability Electricity
June 24 Energy News: The Week in Review General
June 21 Sustainability at Colleges and Universities: A Higher Calling for Higher Education General
June 20 Is the End of EV Range Anxiety in Sight? Nine Strategies To Put EV Owners At Ease Transportation
June 17 Energy News: The Week in Review General
June 10 Energy News: The Week in Review General
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