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Dec 29, 2011

Whom Do We Follow on Social Networks?


Over the past year, RMI significantly increased its use of social networks as a means for informing and learning from today’s discourse around energy. By building a stronger community on our Facebook page and participating in conversations on Twitter, we’ve connected with new and longtime followers of our work. We’ve also learned a great deal. Through exploring the landscape of online-based energy conversations, we discovered a multitude of influential and passionate voices, each sharing key knowledge and insight on the energy issues of our time.

Twitter, in particular, is a great place to start for receiving news and engaging in online discussions about energy issues. For those of you that spend time on this network, or are considering joining, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite voices.

David Roberts: @drgrist A writer for Grist.org, David Roberts has a very influential voice on Twitter. His commentary on energy, environment and politics is both informative and entertaining.

Michael Levi: @levi_m Levi is a Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment at the Council on Foreign Relations. His blog (http://blogs.cfr.org/levi/) features some of the most intelligent and compelling writing on energy, environment, economics and security.

Climate Progress @climateprogress Former RMI staffer, Joe Romm, has developed his blog into the preeminent resource for climate related news and relevant political commentary. At times aggressive and other times impassioned, the blog is always thought provoking. Also follow Climate Progress writer, Stephen Lacey (@stphn_lacey), on Twitter.

NRDC Switchboard @nrdcswitchboard This is essentially a feed of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s blog, the Switchboard, but it’s worth following. The Switchboard is a great source for commentary and analysis on today’s hot button environmental issues.

John Voelcker @johnvoelcker Automotive journalist John Voelcker is editor of Green Car Reports (http://www.greencarreports.com/). His coverage on fuel efficiency and vehicle electrification is recommended for anyone interested in transportation and oil dependency solutions.

Andy Revkin @revkin Another great energy and environment journalist, Andy Revkin runs the Dot Earth blog (http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/). His Twitter conversations with David Roberts and other influential voices provide an insightful look at the complexities of energy issues.

Katie Fehrenbacher @katiefehren Katie Fehrenbacher is Senior Writer and Features Editor for GigaOm. Follow her for clean tech industry news.

Energy Information Administration @EIAgov EIA’s Twitter feed provides up to date information on energy markets, as well as interesting statistics on U.S. energy use.

By following these Twitter handles, you’ll quickly discover other individuals, organizations, and resources. Pretty soon, you may find yourself receiving most of your energy related news through the network.

Be sure to also follow @RockyMtnInst and our staff:

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